Farmers Insurance Careers

21 ST Application Portfolio
Acct. Field Oper. Sect. (Serv Cntr)
Agent Training - 2
Alternative Inv Acctg & Compliance #2
Auto Analyst Team 1
BW Colorado Liability Manager
BW Point ALR App Dev
BW Texas 5
Branch Claims Supervisor
Branch Operations
Bristol West Northeast RCO
Bristol West Plantation RCO
Bristol West Service Independence 1
Bristol West Service Independence 2
Bus Ins - Product WC
Call Center Mgmt-BV - PA
Centralized Coverage and Research Unit 1
Claims & Innovation
Claims Finance Staff/Admin
Client Services Operations ITIL/BI
Comm BI - SQL Dev
Comm Cas No CA HEM 2
Commercial - APM Actuary 2
Commercial - Accounts
Commercial - Product Mgt CMP
Commercial - SC Ops LA UW
Commercial - Service Operations
Commercial Finance
Commercial Product Mgt Oh - 4
Comml Tech Team
Contact Center Operations
Core BI - Data Delivery
Corporate Accounting - External
Corporate Accounting - Internal2
Corporate Actuarial
Credit Union
Credit Union 1
Customer Experience Strategic Programs
DS&L - Finish Services 1st shift
DS&L - Finish Services 2nd shift
DS&L - Finish Services 3rd shift
DS&L - Material and Doc Logistics Cent
DS&L Finishing Support Services 2
Dir Marketing Dig
Director, New Market Development
Distribution ACE IT
Distribution EA - North West
Docusign Center of Excellence
Duck Creek Development II
Enterprise IT PMO
Enterprise Integration Services
Enterprise Integration Services Dev
Enterprise Monitoring Tools
Exchange Cash Management
External Communications 1
FFS Compliance
FNWL - Legal Department
Farmers Direct Service AU 12
Farmers Direct Service GR 8
Farmers Direct Service PX4
Farmers Direct Service PX5
GR Assembly Team
GR Casualty Manager
Gaap Analysis Reporting
Guidewire 2
HR Employee Compensation
HR Market Mangement
HR Staffing Claims
HR Strategic Staffing
ICFR Control Assurance
ICFR Operations
IOAS-Application Deployment Services
IOAS-Marketing IT Operations
IOAS-Network and Telephony Operations
IOAS-Service Management Office Operatio
IOAS-Supplier Operations Delivery & Perf
IT Category Management
IT Category Sourcing 4
IT Data Architecture
IT GSM Claims - Business IT Support - W
IT GSM Claims - Doc Proc Apps
IT GSM Claims - Help Desk 1
IT GSM Claims - Pgm Mgt & Analysis 2
IT GSM Claims - Project Governance
IT GSM Claims - Systems Testing
IT GSM ICE Programming
Identity and Security Design
Internal Control Financial Reporting
KCPL Operations 10
Kathleen Baxter-Walker
Los Angeles BLO (2)
Marketing IT 1
Marketing IT 3
Marketing Technology 5
Mt. Laurel SupvAtty I
NDC Mail Center
New Business Customer Service Team
New Jersey BLO
OKC Customer Service
Operational Data Staging
P&C Accounting - Simi Satellite
P/L Pricing A
PDM Finish Services 4
PHX Sub Demand 1
PL Auto Product Management-Farmers East
PL Home Product Management - West
PL Ops Strategy
PL U/W Farmers - Contracts & Support B1
PL U/W Farmers - Contracts & Support C
PLA Release Management Support
PROP-LOG-Field Support-Sc
PTPL Operations 2
Payment Channel Management Director
Pension Investments
Personal Lines - Director (LM)
Personal Lines Analysis & Planning
Phoenix Claims Contact Center 1
Phoenix NIPC Supervisor
Premium Dispute Team
Pricing Analytics Team 1
Product Development Modeling
Prop Analyst Team 1
Property EasternRiverValle-BatonRouge-T3
Property EasternRiverValle-BatonRouge-T4
Quality Assurance Team Alpha
Quality Assurance Team Bravo
R&D Modeling
Recruiting - Indiana - Wisconsin
Recruiting - Tennessee - Alabama
Research 4
SC-Grand Rapids Liability
SC-Grand Rapids Marine
SFDC COE - Development and Delivery
SFDC COE Program Management
Sales Tools Application
San Antonio BLO
Sap Program Office - Development
Service Operations Billing
Service Ops Solution Delivery Manager
Solution Design and Projects
Spec Prop & Casualty UW
Specialty Lines IT Gvrnc & Admin
Specialty Service GR 5
Stranger Liabilities - Contractors & Umb
Strategic Business Analysis
Strategic Project SW Engineering
Subrogation Legal Services
Supervisor Team 9
Talent Acquisition
Tax Administration 1
Zone Manager - West